MV Royale I

1. Double Screw Engine: 2.Nos.527 Horse Power Cat Engine. Model D3412, 10knots
{ or propulsion}

2. 1 Nos.4 Cylinder, Generating Set 55KVA Deutz Engine.

3. 1 Nos.3 Cylinder Addtional Auxiliary Gen Set 23KVA Deutz Engine.

4. 5 Nos. Fully Air- Conditioned Cabins for 8 Nos. of Crew

5. Complete with functional Radar

6. Compass

7. Kitchen/ Gallery with dinning section.

8. In-situ wc Toilet and Bath

9. On Deck Store

10. Under Deck Workshop

11. Length 69ft. (20.9 metres)

12. Breadth 33ft. (10metres)

13. Depth 7.3ft from deck top. (2.21 metres)

14. Length pf Engine Room 29.5ft. (9metres)

15. Complete Radio Communication System.
      Number of Deck:                                             1
      Number of Mast:                                             1 Collapsible
      Rigged:                                                          No
      Stem:                                                            Pusher Hard Nose
      Stem:                                                            Square
      Build:                                                             Steel

16. Frame work and description of Vessel:               Steel Pusher Tug
      Number of Bulkheads                                      3 Traverse, 2 Longitudinal
      Under Tonnage Deck:                                      194.03
      Stem:                                                            46.04